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July Is For Emotional Conflict

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 3, 2014, 2:44 PM
From The Founder

PoetsHand was one of  the first members of :devhumanditions:. The language of each  written verse by this writer creates a visual statement that goes beyond typical  imagery. :devHalatia: describes one of her writings as, "... the most delicate forms of grief resound the loudest. With "Faith" there is a tenuous feel of hope, one that is both uplifted and destroyed by a single perfectly-placed question mark."

PoetsHand said goodbye to us last April, leaving a journal that reached out to all of deviantArt.  Unfortunately, as for so many of us, life just became too hectic for her to continue an active role in the community.

"I want to thank ALL of you who have watched, cheered, edited, suggested, etc. You have helped me become a better writer".

Anniverary Coming And We Need Donations

I'm really happy to see that our 4th Year Anniversary is coming on August 26th.  It'll be a time of celebration, but it's also a time to renew our Super Group status.  Which means it's time for me to ask for donations so that the group can keep that status.

As a Super Group, we're able to use CSS in both our journal and gallery, post your deviations into the journals, have polls, create extra columns, have a slide show, and other quirks.

Since I cannot have a Donation Widget at the group, one will be created at my thefantasim art account.  It will take 4, 796 points for a Super Group. I appreciate anything that you can do to help.
I love the deviations of literature and visual art that comes into our submission board. This truly is a great group of artist who write about, and show the array of emotions that makes us all  human.

Members Of The Month

I'm very happy to congratulate our two July Members Of The Month! leilalilium and Nichrysalis were selected by you in the June poll. They have each won a one month subscription.

conigli. by leilalilium
a lovely moment when a cute creature eat your mind by leilalilium    don't let me get me by leilalilium    the maid 2 by leilalilium

Three Movements of Noise In Voice Speech and SoundVoice - Black Noise
i hear █████████ my name
███████████ the ████ damn thing
is █████ one thing ██████████████
i'm ██████ tired of ████████
███████████ the ████████████
█████ sweet talk sound███████
when I don't ███████ need
my heart starts slowing ██████
██████████████ me

HaikuWriMo - Bonemealfamily dinners
continue after burial
   Breadcrumbs and TumbleweedsSome folks'll never adjust to society's dirty lenses. Maybe that's why Donnie took up a hobby one weekend after a trip through the countryside. He had come back from driving out west in his crap convertible. And it was in slip-shod shape. Donnie spent the rest of his summer hobbling around that car, working out dents and scratches. Worked out in the sun talking to a woman the neighbors never seen. He had left himself breadcrumbs to clean from between the seats when he had restored the car, but he leave them be, says they're too small for him to see and that breadcrumbs aren't worth noticing unless they have the nature of tumbleweeds. The curl of his lip tells something different though. Donnie's seen the difference between a tumbleweed hopping a fence and a body on a guardrail.
Donnie called his hobby 'sobriety' and took thirteen steps to a cemetery with flowers in one hand and the wheel of his convertible in the other.
   If Then You PauseTo the girl under the covers at noon:
If you pause by the wine
with tight jeans, theatrical boys
speaking bokeh and braille
and the hungry look that asks
‘why are we made with holes?’
If then you pause by the wine
I want to tell you things
I’ll tell you when you’re older:
that the best orange you’d ever eat
would be the taste of a man
nearing neverland.

You are a member of HumanConditions, and your works deserve to be noticed. Keep submitting, keep participating in activities, and we'll notice you and you'll be in the next poll. Still, everyone, don't forget that you're a member here. Keep submitting so that you are more "visual" to us. We accept your old deviations as well as your new, so there is no reason why you can't keep in touch with this group by simply submitting your deviations.

Lastly, help us find the visual and literature Member Of The Month by voting In The Poll!

Standard Group Information

:bulletblack: Each month our Slide Show features the gallery of one of our human conditions.  This month theme is "Fear". You can find the written literature for "Emotional Conflict" HERE, in the appropriate folder.

If you would like to submit literature or a visual deviation for  the current theme, please do, so that it's included in our feature for the month.

:bulletblack: As a reminder, we'd love to have your self portrait in our  Members Self-Portrait" folder. The self portraits do not have to be what you look like, and they do not have to be photographs, but who you are as a deviant and as a person. Get those in as soon as you can. We want to "see" you.

:bulletblack: If you're a writer, please read over the "Literary Guidelines" that are found on our Home page. This will let you know what we're looking for in your poetry and prose submissions.

:bulletblack: Please keep in mind, if we decline a deviation, we're "not" declining "you", so please don't take it personally.  Remember, arguing, even in the guise of being "informative", with the Visual or Literary Co-Founders, and especially with me,  will only result in you being removed from the group. We don't mind questions, or inquiries into why you were declined, just be nice about it, and keep it brief.

Very Important! About The Interaction Between Members And The Group Staff Members

:bulletred: There is a group rule concerning unnecessary comments from you after we've made a decision to decline a deviation.

You have to let go of the fact that we didn't think a particular deviation was right for our gallery, even if you think so. A large majority of groups just decline your deviation without a comment,  right? And we give a reason because we believe you should know why we declined. When you make an unnecessary comment after the fact, it can be very unnerving. And if I see a long response to a decline, I don't even take the time to read it. So you're just wasting your own time writing to me or the head of Literature.

This kind of behavior will be less tolerated. We will not argue with you...I rather remove you from the group then have you argue with one of the staff. So please keep this in mind when you want to disagree with us. Life is just too short.

If you ever have questions or suggestions for the group (and I mean realistic questions or suggestions), please contact us by using a group note, and I and the staff will get back in touch with you.

Thanks for reading and have a good month.

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Visual Assistants


Literary Assistant


Human Conditions

Welcome to Human Conditions! I see it as a combination of the two groups which inspired it, #So-Often-Bled and #Emotions-in-art. The edginess and imagination of #So-Often-Bled with the basic premise of #Emotions-in-art, capturing the range of emotions we experience as human beings.

We are not for everyone. We are for serious artists of any media whose work deals with emotions and the condition of being human.

We would rather be a small, interactive group than a large group where everyone dumps their latest deviations. We want quality, not quantity.

Gallery Rules

HumanConditions is here to feature the The Best of your visual and literature deviations. Each deviation must portray a human condition or emotion; therefore, all submissions are up for approval before they are accepted into the gallery.

In literature, we seek writing that is intriguing and original. Proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax are reviewed and may keep your writing from being accepted.

If your deviation is declined or removed from the gallery, you will receive a comment or a note telling you why. At times, you are able to make corrections to your deviation and resubmit. Arguing in a rude manner, even in the guise of being helpful, will get you banned!

:bulletblack: We accept all media, including photography, photo-manipulation, digital painting/airbrushing, traditional art, artisan crafts, and the written word.

:bulletblack: We do not accept visual works with words. We want the deviation to speak for itself. The only exception are collages.

:bulletblack: All submissions must be completed works of that portray a human condition or emotion.

:bulletblack: We will only accept quality work.
No: incomplete works, sketches, or works in progress, Literature submissions must be able to stand alone; we don't accept chapters of novels and such.

In addition, prose, especially, briefer is better, although we draw the line at six-word stories.

:bulletblack: We rarely accept rhymed poetry. Too often, something else (such as syntax or rhythm) is sacrificed in search of the "perfect rhyme."

:bulletblack: In all written submissions, format and size should be considered. If we can't read your piece on a laptop screen, it won't be accepted. </b.

:bulletblack: We will deny certain deviation themes.
No: anime, fan art/literature, eyes, flowers, fairies, or simple fantasy themes, unless exceptionally executed and emotes a human condition. In addition, works that are judgmental will be declined.

:bulletblack: References to religion, either visual or in writing, will be considered on a case by case basis.

:bulletblack: Artistic nudity is okay BUT is up to the discretion of the staff.

:bulletblack: Submit directly to the Human Conditions theme folder that applies to your work. For a definition and description of each human condition, look inside of the gallery folder.

:bulletblack:Limit: two (2) submissions per day.

:bulletblack: Favorites limit: three (3) per day.

:bulletblack: Members cannot submit other deviant's deviations to the gallery.

:bulletblack: If you place a deviation in the storage after it has been accepted, we have the right to remove it from our gallery

:bulletblack: Photo-manipulations must give credit to stock providers. It's okay to submit older deviations; just make sure the stock provider is listed.

:bulletblack: If you're a writer, please read over the "Literary Guidelines". This will let you know what we're looking for in your poetry and prose submissions.

Edited: 12-20-2013

Gallery Folders

Surreal-Conceptual Feelings
Mental Conditions
Physical Illness
Members Self-Portraits
Non-members Work
Group Contests and Projects


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