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April Is For Joy

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 2, 2014, 3:48 PM
From The Founder

It's no longer bitter cold, but nice days of warmer temperature and rain are here. I'm not crazy about rain. I'm glad that I don't need to go many places when it is raining.

Anyway, I went digging through our Favorites gallery again and found this gem by at-home-in-space

mr ego by at-home-in-space

What I like is its simplicity, but it also has that look of being incomplete. If I was painting with oils or gouache, this would be my under painting before I started adding details. Not everyone has to work that way for themselves, and that's what makes his paintings so unique, and a artist with a lots of guts.  Go view his gallery to understand what I mean.

Members Of The Month

Our Literary Co-Founder, FuzzyHoser, reminded me about the subscription gift we once gave out to the one literature and one visual artist at the beginning of each month.  At that time, the Members Of The Month  were selected by you, the members, through a poll.

Recently, I asked if members were interest in bringing this process of recognizing, featuring,  and rewarding our members back. Enough of the you responded,  "yes"; therefore, our first poll will begin today.

Please take the time to view each candidate in  the poll and vote.

You'll only be able to vote one time, so please take the poll very seriously and vote for the best of the six.

FuzzyHoser and I want to congratulate our April Members Of The Month:


1.37 by JeremyTroughton  1.64 blackened by JeremyTroughton  1.74 black swan by JeremyTroughton  1.81 divine falsehoods by JeremyTroughton


Rock Dusti can't decide
if the blue or orange pill
will make the day seem
okay. if i need to stop
my mind from racing or
let everything out from where
it rolls itself over, mookaite tumbled
into gold veins and red thoughts,
i wish i knew i was human.
i wish mistakes didn't turn
black freckles into shame,
this collection of bracelets, necklaces,
and facial expressions. is sobriety
the answer or do i remember a day
when i felt like more than a reminder of
futility, rage, and a victim complex,
20 milligrams before therapy.
Maybe she'll have an answer.
With Apologies to--My mouth tells the lie,
saving the face around it,
I am terrified of black eyes and
all the pockets in my cheeks. Each man
has an outburst in his gut but
he may be an engineer. 
I am no seamstress.
And I wish I could say He fucked
me up, but I am the victim
all too often. I am
the night she forgot to say
she was going out late
and met an angel,
I am no martyr.
Ariel hosts a party.I stand beneath deck,
the ocean throws silverware and china plates
and vases while beautiful smiling people
sip pink cocktails and talk about their families,
I become the wood grain.
I become the waves.
  Hamlet was a ComedyWhen he was eighteen, my Uncle Mark tried to kill himself. I've heard the story at least a hundred times, but the other night he got a gig at a little comedy club in Joliet. On a narrow carpeted stage, washed out by two spotlights which hung from the low ceiling, he grinned and said, "Wanna hear about the day I decided to lose weight?"
Murmurs rippled through the crowd, punctuated by disjointed claps. A heckler screamed that he was still a fat ass but Mark was undeterred. "Well, you see, I was gonna just put a bullet through my head at first but I couldn't figure out how to load the damn gun, and oven suicides haven't been convenient for quite a few decades and I'm not a fucking geezer yet." He turned to his side and cupped his ear. "Did I hear someone ask how you kill yourself in an oven? Any of you know who Sylvia Plath is? Of course you don't, you fucking drunks."
The audience tittered. A women at the table next to mine whispered to her husband. I couldn't hear what she had sai


Members, keep submitting so that you are more "visual" to us. We accept your old deviations as well as your new, so there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to keep in touch with this group by simply submitting your deviations. Right? Right.

Standard Group Information

:bulletblack: Each month our Slide Show features the gallery of one of our human conditions.  Since this month is  a time of major religious celebration, as well as the rebirth of nature after the harsh Winter, "Joy" is our theme of the month.  You can find the written literature for "Joy" HERE, in the appropriate folder.

If you would like to submit literature or a visual deviation for  the current theme, please do so that it's included in our feature for the month.

:bulletblack: As a reminder, we'd love to have your self portrait in our  Members Self-Portrait" folder. The self portraits do not have to be what you look like, and they do not have to be photographs, but who you are as a deviant and as a person. Get those in as soon as you can. We want to "see" you.

:bulletblack: If you're a writer, please read over the "Literary Guidelines" that are found on our Home page. This will let you know what we're looking for in your poetry and prose submissions.

:bulletblack: Please keep in mind, if we decline a deviation, we're "not" declining "you", so please don't take it personally.  Remember, arguing, even in the guise of being "informative", with the Visual or Literary Co-Founders, and especially with me,  will only result in you being removed from the group. We don't mind questions, or inquiries into why you were declined, just be nice about it, and keep it brief.

Very Important! About The Interaction Between Members And The Group Staff Members

:bulletred: There is a group rule concerning unnecessary comments from you after we've made a decision to decline a deviation.

You have to let go of the fact that we didn't think a particular literature or visual submission was right for our gallery, even if you think so. A large majority of groups just decline your deviation without a comment,  right? And we give a reason because we believe you should know why we declined. When you make an unnecessary comment after the fact, it can be very unnerving. And if I see a long response to a decline, I don't even take the time to read it. So you're just wasting your own time writing to me or the head of Literature.

This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. We will not argue with you...I rather remove you from the group then have you argue with one of the staff. So please keep this in mind when you want to disagree with us. Life is just too short.

If you ever have questions or suggestions for the group (and I mean realistic questions or suggestions), please contact us by using a group note, and I and the staff will get back in touch with you.

Thanks for reading and have a good month.

More Journal Entries

Random from Favourites




Human Conditions

Welcome to Human Conditions! I see it as a combination of the two groups which inspired it, #So-Often-Bled and #Emotions-in-art. The edginess and imagination of #So-Often-Bled with the basic premise of #Emotions-in-art, capturing the range of emotions we experience as human beings.

We are not for everyone. We are for serious artists of any media whose work deals with emotions and the condition of being human.

We would rather be a small, interactive group than a large group where everyone dumps their latest deviations. We want quality, not quantity.

Lit Members: Where Are You Submissions? We're just not getting many of them, so... 

9 deviants said Submit, submit, submit! :thumbsup:
5 deviants said Write more then submit!
2 deviants said I forgot I was a member!

Gallery Rules

HumanConditions is here to feature the The Best of your visual and literature deviations. Each deviation must portray a human condition or emotion; therefore, all submissions are up for approval before they are accepted into the gallery.

In literature, we seek writing that is intriguing and original. Proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax are reviewed and may keep your writing from being accepted.

If your deviation is declined or removed from the gallery, you will receive a comment or a note telling you why. At times, you are able to make corrections to your deviation and resubmit. Arguing in a rude manner, even in the guise of being helpful, will get you banned!

:bulletblack: We accept all media, including photography, photo-manipulation, digital painting/airbrushing, traditional art, artisan crafts, and the written word.

:bulletblack: We do not accept visual works with words. We want the deviation to speak for itself. The only exception are collages.

:bulletblack: All submissions must be completed works of that portray a human condition or emotion.

:bulletblack: We will only accept quality work.
No: incomplete works, sketches, or works in progress, Literature submissions must be able to stand alone; we don't accept chapters of novels and such.

In addition, prose, especially, briefer is better, although we draw the line at six-word stories.

:bulletblack: We rarely accept rhymed poetry. Too often, something else (such as syntax or rhythm) is sacrificed in search of the "perfect rhyme."

:bulletblack: In all written submissions, format and size should be considered. If we can't read your piece on a laptop screen, it won't be accepted. </b.

:bulletblack: We will deny certain deviation themes.
No: anime, fan art/literature, eyes, flowers, fairies, or simple fantasy themes, unless exceptionally executed and emotes a human condition. In addition, works that are judgmental will be declined.

:bulletblack: References to religion, either visual or in writing, will be considered on a case by case basis.

:bulletblack: Artistic nudity is okay BUT is up to the discretion of the staff.

:bulletblack: Submit directly to the Human Conditions theme folder that applies to your work. For a definition and description of each human condition, look inside of the gallery folder.

:bulletblack:Limit: two (2) submissions per day.

:bulletblack: Favorites limit: three (3) per day.

:bulletblack: Members cannot submit other deviant's deviations to the gallery.

:bulletblack: If you place a deviation in the storage after it has been accepted, we have the right to remove it from our gallery

:bulletblack: Photo-manipulations must give credit to stock providers. It's okay to submit older deviations; just make sure the stock provider is listed.

:bulletblack: If you're a writer, please read over the "Literary Guidelines". This will let you know what we're looking for in your poetry and prose submissions.

Edited: 12-20-2013

Gallery Folders

Surreal-Conceptual Feelings
Mental Conditions
Physical Illness
Members Self-Portraits
Non-members Work
Group Contests and Projects


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Detonation-Imminent Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

I'd like to join your group, but I don't see a button on the main page to do so. Thanks in advance for getting back to me!
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RyckRudd Mar 9, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you for choosing me! The exposure will assist me a lot :)
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